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What are the utilization ways of biomass combustion particles?

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What are the utilization ways of biomass combustion particles?

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First of all, the materials used are very environmentally friendly.You can use some waste wood chips and some straw particles and so on.The design method adopted by this equipment when it is processed is some boiling semi-gasification combustion design, which can make the equipment burn much more fully, and there will be no deignition and tempering problems found under the state of micro pressure.Biomass fuel

This can't be matched by other devices.It also has the role of thermal load, can let the combustion engine in the fixed load of 30 to 120 percent of the range for rapid regulation and start, and its response speed is very sensitive.It is also very good in environmental protection.It was mentioned in the beginning.It USES combustion to make energy sustainable.

Biomass fuel

Secondly, biomass combustion pellet equipment will not have waste and waste water removal and release.This is because it is burned at high temperatures, and its tar is burned directly in gaseous form.In this way, some technical problems can be solved and the secondary pollution caused by tar to the water quality in our life can be avoided.

The equipment is also very simple to operate, and when we maintain it is very convenient.We don't spend a lot of money on it.The cost of running the equipment is also relatively low.