Yingkou xin into new energy co., LTD., biomass granule was founded in 2013, is located in the beautiful seaside city, yingkou city, specializing in the production of biomass pure saw foam particles, particles of pine, oak wood grain, annual production capacity of 10000 tons, the products are directly used in conventional thermal equipment such as biomass boiler, the company is committed to research and development of biomass granule, use clean energy instead of burning coal and other raw materials.

The company "to science and technology for development, quality for the market, customer demand as the center" business philosophy, with sustainable development and the continuous use of market renewable energy, with environmental value of the new biomass fuel, by the vast number of consumers to promote, burning biomass pellet, give you a blue sky.

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Heat large

The calorific value is 

3900~4800 kcal /kg Right,the 

calorific value after 

 carbonization is as high as

    7000-8000 kcal /kg.

High purity

No other sundries that don't 

generate heat It contains 

75-85% carbon, 3-6% ash 

Water content is 1-3%

 absolutely no coal gangue

Does not contain 


Does not corrode boiler,

can extend boiler The

service life of the 



Combustion produces no

sulfur dioxide And 

phosphorus pentoxide,

so it doesn'tCause 

acid rain

Clean sanitation

Biomass pellet fuel is clean

and sanitary, convenient to

feed, reducing labor

intensity of workers

Advanced production technology

The production line equipment adopts the most advanced technology in China with reasonable process flow, reliable technology and stable quality

Efficient Production Team

The company has gathered a group of senior design team, experienced, skilled technical personnel

Advanced production equipment

The company has unique advantages, excellent equipment and quality, strategic operation.

High Quality, High Credit and High Efficiency

The company adhering to the "customer first, service first" service concept, to create a "always trustworthy" reputation brand.

Cost savings

Adapt to various environments and any power grid, professional photovoltaic installation team quickly and efficiently

The State Calls for the Frontier of the Times

Low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation, green is the concept we have been pursuing!

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